A Bed Sheet Laundry Service: Stay On Top of Your Health

bed sheet laundry service

Every household has its laundry routine. But of all the items that can get missed, bedsheets often don’t make it into the weekly wash… maybe even monthly!

Why Do Bed Sheets Get So Dirty?

If you think about it, we change our clothes every day or at least almost every day (and underwear should definitely be changed daily!). We do this because our clothes get dirty from both the outside and the inside. The environment can dirty our clothes, but our bodies also produce oils and shed skin cells that attach to our clothing making it necessary to wash them.

We spend almost just as much time in our bedsheets as we do our clothes, so why don’t we wash our sheets as often as we do our clothes? It’s likely not feasible to wash our bed sheets every day, but they really should be washed at least once a week. And the way sheets are washed matters in getting them properly cleaned.

How Does This Affect Me?

We shed about 500 million skin cells every day… and that is just while sleeping. The amount of skin cells that accumulate in your bed in just one week is staggering when you think of it, and prime feeding ground for microscopic dust mites which will leave droppings in your sheets as well. If you have pets that sleep in your bed think of all the hair, skin cells and oils that they also produce and leave on your sheets. All of this build-up in our bed sheets can cause allergic reactions or even worse, asthma.

This is why it is so important to wash your sheets often and to wash them properly. But what is proper care for bed sheets? Good Housekeeping recommends washing sheets at 60 degrees Celsius or higher to kill dust mites and bacteria. It is also good to wash your duvets and pillows at least twice a year, as well as stuffed animals that are in the bed. It is also a good idea to vacuum your mattress at least every other month.

A Bed Sheet Laundry Service Can Help

This may seem like a daunting level of care just for your bed, especially if you are busy or have a large family. Why not consider using a bed sheet laundry service to help keep you and your family happy, clean, and healthy!

There are so many advantages to using a laundry service. Not only will it save you hours of time in sorting, washing, drying and folding your laundry, but you can also rest assured that your bed sheets are being cleaned properly to ensure all bacteria and mites have been destroyed while upholding the specific care requirements for the materials in your sheets. This will keep your bed sheets in good condition for a long time! While you’re at it, why not send your duvets and pillows for cleaning every so often as well! Champs Cleaners will make the chore of laundry a fast and pleasant one! With fast and free pickup and delivery service, your laundry will be washed, ironed, and perfectly folded when they are returned to your doorstep.