How To Reduce Your Chores by 30% – Saving Time With Wash & Fold Laundry Services 

Save Time With Wash & Fold Laundry Services

People spend a lot of time doing their laundry. In fact, it’s one of the most common household chores. If you have kids, the number of clothes they go through can be staggering! It’s not just the amount of laundry that adds up; it’s also the time it takes to do it. 

If you’re doing laundry every week, it can take up a huge chunk of your time. It can be a huge pain to have to spend several hours a week doing laundry, especially if you’re also trying to do other things around the house.   

Let’s see how much time people usually spend on laundry. 

How Much Time Do People Spend on Laundry? 

According to a survey by The American Time Use Survey (ATUS), the average amount of time spent doing laundry is about 17 minutes per day for women and 4 minutes per day for men. That might not seem like much, but if you do the math, it comes out to over 8 hours per month!  

However, this survey only included the amount of time spent doing laundry. It did not include all of the other tasks involved in taking care of clothes, such as ironing or folding them too. Even if we assume that these other activities take up about 5 minutes each time, that would still add up to about 2.5 hours per month. 

That means that taking care of clothes can take up as much as 10 hours per month. This is a lot of time and could be spent on other activities such as exercising or enjoying time with friends and family. So, how can you cut down on the time you spend doing laundry? One way you can do this is by using professional laundry services.  

Benefits of Wash & Fold Services 

Wash & fold laundry services have become increasingly popular over the past few years because they offer a convenient and affordable alternative to doing your own laundry. 

There are many benefits to using the wash & fold laundry services. One of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to spend any time doing your laundry yourself. You can simply drop off your clothes at a local wash & fold location and pick them up later on in the week when they’re done. Some services will even pick up your clothes from your home or office, wash them, dry them and then return them to your door. You can schedule drop-offs at any time that works best for you. 

In addition to saving you time, wash & fold laundry services can also help you save money. This is because they allow you to send in only as much laundry as necessary, rather than having to waste detergent and water on cleaning a full load of clothes every week. People who do laundry at home use an average of 19 gallons of water per load and spend $15-25 on laundry detergent per month. 

The cost of laundry detergent and water adds up quickly, especially if you have a large family or live in an area with high water rates. So, wash and fold services can also be a great option to save money on household expenses.