Why It’s Important to Fold Your Clothes

woman folding laundry

Washing clothes is an essential part of our daily routine, but what’s just as important is folding them after they’re clean. Many people may find the wash and fold laundry task tedious and time-consuming, but there are several reasons why it’s crucial to fold your laundry. Why Wrinkles Form One of the most significant reasons…

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Two Wash & Fold Service Centers in Clarkston, MI

man performing the wash & fold service

Clarkston, MI, is a city that is rich in amenities and services, and Champs Cleaners is proud to offer one of the best laundry services in the area – the Wash & Fold service. This service offers a simple and convenient solution to the daily chore of doing laundry, and Champs Cleaners is the go-to…

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Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery: The History Behind The Solvents

dry cleaning machine at work

The dry cleaning pickup and delivery industry has been around for over a century and has come a long way since its inception. Dry cleaning uses solvents to get rid of dirt and stains from clothes without the use of water. Over the years, different solvents have been used in the dry cleaning process, each…

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Receive Clothing Alterations at Champs Cleaners, Now in Fenton, Michigan

jeans clothing alterations

Clothing alterations can be a lifesaver for anyone looking to make the perfect fit with their clothing. Whether it’s hemming a pair of pants or taking in a dress, alterations can make all the difference in creating a well-fitting, stylish outfit. If you’re in the Fenton, MI area, we have great news for you: Champs…

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Look Sharp with Pressed Shirts in Flint, Michigan

clothes pressing

Looking good helps you feel good. Whether it’s a casual weekend, a business meeting, or a formal occasion, everyone enjoys looking sharp. Sometimes, you can love your clothes for the day but still not quite feel your best. What’s the problem? Wrinkles. This is where ironing and pressing makes a difference, and Champs Cleaners now…

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Preparing for Your Wash and Fold Laundry Services: The Do’s and Don’ts

laundry service pickup

Wash and fold laundry services are convenient, time-saving and, cost-effective for individuals and families looking to outsource their laundry needs. These services are an increasingly popular choice for those looking to simplify their lives and free up time for other activities through the convenience of professional cleaning services at competitive prices. Customers can access drop…

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Lighten Your Load with Commercial Uniform Cleaning

commercial uniform cleaning

Managing a medical facility, police force, restaurants, hotels, or any business is stressful enough. Let alone having to wash and dry uniforms yourself. When you first opened your doors for your business, you probably did everything in-house instead of using commercial uniform cleaning. But, with more responsibilities to juggle, it is difficult to take up…

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A Bed Sheet Laundry Service: Stay On Top of Your Health

bed sheet laundry service

Every household has its laundry routine. But of all the items that can get missed, bedsheets often don’t make it into the weekly wash… maybe even monthly! Why Do Bed Sheets Get So Dirty? If you think about it, we change our clothes every day or at least almost every day (and underwear should definitely…

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Save Money With Laundry Delivery Services

save with laundry delivery services

With a laundry delivery service, you can easily save on both time and money, plus you get the chance to have a clean set of clothing to wear at all times. While it may seem like an extra expense to have your laundry delivered to your door, there are several ways that you can save with this type of service.

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The Dry Cleaning Process: A Step by Step Guide

The Dry Cleaning Process: A Step by Step Guide

The dry cleaning process uses a solvent such as perchloroethylene to dissolve dirt and grease from the fabric. The solvent is then evaporated off, leaving behind only the clean, dry fabric. However, there are a lot of steps involved in the process, so let’s take a look at how dry cleaning works. 

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