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At Champs Cleaners, we bring professional care to everything you wear. From uniforms to table linens, we offer efficient cleaning services for all your commercial laundry needs.

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Commercial Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services: How Does the Process Work?

When your batch first arrives at our office, we inspect the laundry and filter through the type of clothing, the stains, color sensitivity, and material specifications. We group the various batches we get and maintain a record of where each piece of laundry is in a particular collection, as well as the services a specific piece of clothing will require during our various stages of service. If commercial dry cleaning is necessary, you can find information about it here!

The first step begins at our cleaning station, where we combine different cleaning methods and types of machinery regarding the material and stain of a specific laundry pile. From dry scrubbing to wet washes, the cleaning station is a staple for all of our laundry.

The second step in this process is examining the washed and cleaned laundry. Once your batch is out of the cleaning station, our inspection crew takes up the job of comparing their record of the stains on your clothing, the ones that are there no more, and the ones that escaped the initial wash. Consequently, these are re-filtered, and then they’re sent off to separate special treatment facilities for further work.

For instance, some materials require bleaching; others need color treatment; some others have long-bearing stains, such as those of blood, which require hydrogen peroxide treatments. We ensure that all your laundry is handled by highly qualified and capable staff at this point, hence minimizing the chances of chemical harm.

Finally, we have our drying facility, where we give your clothes the final "oomph" factor! We dry, iron, and fold them into neat, crisp piles and dispatch them to their respectful owners!

*Any old or stubborn stains that may cause fabric to discolor or spread we will notify you, to discuss further options.

*Champs Cleaners is not responsible for previously damaged clothing.

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