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Our Dry Cleaning Service

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    You may drop off your laundry at our drycleaner facility, or we can arrange to get your items picked up from wherever you find convenient. Each item is packaged carefully to avoid any impact during transportation and deposit.

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    Once we have a complete stock of laundry, we open the packages and individually examine and inspect the new arrivals. We analyze the stains, how much it has matured, the fabric, the design, stitching, and other specifications to understand the kind of cleaning it requires.

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    Next, we process the whole laundry and sort it into various categories, ranging from sheer curtains to jackets to silk sarongs and so on. Once our staff has sorted your laundry into groups, we then decide the dry-cleaning techniques and products we'll use.

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    The laundry is then handed over to the cleaning staff of the cleaning station, which performs the dry-cleaning from scratch to the very end.

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    Second Inspection

    Once your items are cleaned, we take them out of the dry-cleaner machines to examine them for any impact or check if any part still carries dirt or stains.

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    When we're satisfied with the dry-cleaning, we hand over your laundry to the ironing station, where your laundry is pressed, folded, and stacked into near piles.

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    We then send off your items for a final inspection, and once they're cleared, we package your laundry stack and hand them back to you!

Service Experience

Our dry cleaning service has seen a vast range of materials with amounts of stains you could not imagine. No matter the challenge, our dry cleaners are skilled at dealing with various kinds of laundry that comes in. There won't be stain that we haven't cleaned in the past, so you can be confident when you bring in your clothes that you will not be turned away.

Cleaning Techniques

Dry-cleaning equipment, such as machines, detergents, softeners, and other items, is quite expensive and can be confusing to choose from. When you have laundry that requires special care and attention, it's wiser to hand it over to us instead of experimenting with your own DIY washing methods! We use products and tools after thorough market research and experimentation and apply only tried-and-approved techniques to your cherished items.

Product Availability

Being in the dry-cleaning business puts us in direct contact with other drycleaners, machinery engineers, and product manufacturers. We receive regular updates on the latest products available in the market and also secure them at reasonable prices to use in our clients' laundries. Therefore, our cleaning quality always turns out to be consistently much better than the usual household cleaning methods.

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