The Importance of Professional Fur Cleaner Services

fur cleaner

Owning a natural fur coat or a garment trimmed with animal fur is not just about luxury, it’s also about responsibility. To maintain the luster, texture, and longevity of your fur, it takes special care and regular professional cleaning. This is where a professional fur cleaner services become essential.

Fur is a natural material that can attract dirt, lint, and even get wet in a rainstorm. While water will not ruin it, fur should be professionally cleaned every year by a furrier or a dry cleaner who specializes in fur coats. Attempting to wash a real fur coat at home could permanently damage it.

The Need for a Regular Fur Cleaner

Even if you don’t wear your fur coat often, it needs professional attention. Animal hides can dry out if not cleaned and conditioned yearly, and fur gathers dust, oils, and odors. A professional fur cleaner service will add luster and shine to the fur and keep it from shedding.

What Happens During Professional Fur Cleaner Services?

A professional fur cleaner follows a meticulous process. First, the coat is inspected for stains, rips, and tears. The lining is then hand-cleaned using specialized fur cleaning products, with attention paid to spots, stains, and underarm odors. The fur is placed in a large drum filled with sawdust and an environmentally safe fur-cleaning solution, effectively drawing out dirt and oils. The coat is then vacuumed to remove the sawdust and hand-steamed to remove any final residue.

The next step is “electrifying” the coat. Using large rollers, electricity is used to make each hair lift, separate, and lie in the same direction. The final step involves reintroducing oil to the fur through a conditioning process, similar to hair conditioning.

The Benefits of Professional Storage

Besides cleaning, professional fur cleaner services also offer proper storage. Furs that are properly stored during hot weather can last up to 50 years or more. The optimum storage temperature for natural fur is 45 degrees with 50 percent humidity. Moths and other insects can’t survive at these low temperatures.


To preserve the quality and extend the life of your fur garments, professional cleaning is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Trust the experts at Champs Cleaners for all your cleaning needs, as we offer a range of services to keep your clothing looking its best.